Complete Digital Marketing Course in Mombasa (inclusive of wordpress web/Blog design)

My Digital Marketing Testimony 

My Name is Jackson Kimathi ; I Completed my undergraduate Studies  at Pwani University in 2014 and graduated with a Bsc Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Second Class-Upper Division). After two years working with hotels and restaurants, I got tired of working for long hours  with little pay. I joined swahilipot Hub the leading Digital hubs in Mombasa and that’s  where my passion and journey in Digital Marketing  started.

graduation kilifi

When I started Utalii Digital Consultancy  I had  Zero capital and little IT skills. Through the various training at swahilipot Hub, I was able to build my personal website www.utaliidigital.coke from scratch using WordPress CMS . I later attended several other digital marketing training where I learnt Social Media management, Blogging/V-blogging, Digital branding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  Travel meta-search marketing for Hotels and Travel companies  (Trip advisor,, AirBnB etc ) etc



I combined my newly learnt digital marketing skills with my Hospitality and Travel Skills to start and successfully run a self-sustaining purely online business. is an online Travel and Hospitality Consultancy firm that deals with Hotel booking, Tour Packaging, Restaurant review, In-house Hospitality Training, Blog/Web-design, Digital marketing Training and Online Hospitality academic Training.  For the last 2 years, I have helped shape and build the online reputation of various hotel and restaurants in Mombasa through social media, Blogging, Travel Meta- search companies and photography. Some of my previous assignments can be traced in this site.



The company has been my full source of Income and earns between 20-30k in average per month and am looking forward to increased revenue in the future. It is also important to note that since my company is purely online, my phone and laptop are my virtual offices so I engage in other side hustles like teaching hospitality related courses part time. I also recently hosted one Digital Marketing Training  at swahilipot hub that attracted over 30 trainees mainly drawn from the Hospitality and Travel industry. Am looking forward to host several other Digital marketing training though a one day training is not sufficient as we don’t teach webdesign in such a training. follow the link below for details about our digital marketing event at swahilipot hub

Hospitality &Travel Digital Marketing Training (Mombasa chapter) – “The future is online”

Digital marketing course 

This Course is suitable for those who believe of  Multiple online  opportunities and have a firm belief that they can start an online business from scratch with 0$ capital like me or  can increase sales for their already existing offline business through Digital Marketing. I believe the future of business is online and I  want to move with you during this digital transformation.  I will take you through a detailed step by step procedure on how to start your own wordpress website or Blog from scratch until your site is up and running without coding . After the website, I will take you through Social media Management, Content creation/Blogging/V-blogging, Digital branding and  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

charges –  ksh 20,000 

Inclusive of :


  • Personal laptop – we are working on a program to establish a full digital marketing class with our own  computers. For now we require all our students to carry their personal computers/laptops to class

course outline

1.Web/Blog Design 

  • Complete wordpress web or Blog design training – at the end of this training you will have designed your personal website or blog

2. Social media management 

  • Creating  engaging social media content
  • Increasing social media followers and traffic
  • linking your website to your social media accounts and pages
  • Managing all your social media accounts in one platform creation/ V-Blogging 

  • Creation of engaging videos for your company on youtube
  • Managing a profitable youtube channel

4.Digital Branding 

  • Create a unique Logo
  • Coming  up with a brand  name for your business and website
  • Creating a unique  brand Image online
  • Creation of an online PR

Digital customer service /E-care

  • Creation of a  personalized experience and digital meetings with live service agents
  • Engaging, communicating  and building  better relationship with customers online
  • Ensuring  there is convenience, speed, interactivity and reach ability with your customers online
  • Creating  basic digital customer service channels
  • Integration and cross sharing of information on messaging apps

The intake  for this course is on going. For more details contact us

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Utalii Digital Consultancy is an Events, Hospitality and Travel Digital Consultancy based in Mombasa Kenya. We are a market leader in Hotel Booking, Tour packaging, , Recruitment, Pre-Opening, In-House Training, Digital Marketing,Web Design,Social Media Management,Branding,Blogging and V-Blogging

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