Heart Break Holidays- Top places to visit in the Kenyan coast after a heartbreak

If you have  found your way here, may be  you are going through a painful time in your life or at one time you might  have been in a similar situation. May be you are going through  loss of love, a heartbreak or physical deaths of loved ones, or perhaps your marriage ended abruptly with discovering of infidelity .During this hard time, endlessly watching is not the only way to heal a broken heart, a secret private getaway to wholly unfamiliar environment can work for you and help heal your heartbreak. By traveling, you’re thrust into the unfamiliar, and out of your comfort zone. It’s liberating to be in a place where no one knows your name and are able to give yourself a break and get out of your head for a bit.So pick the feeling that best matches your mood, get packing and book a nice cottage or an all-inclusive hotel in either kilifi, Watamu, Lamu, Mombasa or Diani


Different people will need different therapy and mood management approaches to manage a post-break-up. All what one should know is that a seed does not become a blossom over-night, you need to keep moving for you to heal completely. These getaways in the Kenyan coast will help you heal and get over it

1. Volunteering –Mighty Redeemer Children Home, Mama Anne Children’s Home in Mombasa

If you’re stuck in an endless thinking about your loved ones, their laugh, their smile or the way somebody has done you wrong, you need to be challenged both physical and mentally to get your problems in a different perspective. You need a good dose of volunteering and community work.There are a number of volunteering organizations in the Kenyan coast that combine community building projects with  beach therapy walks and touch of sightseeing. These include hope child Africa at Mighty Redeemer Children’s Home or Mama Anne Children’s Home in Mombasa.

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Volunteering  will give you a great opportunity to heal as you  explore the  Kenyan coastal wonders and  most beautiful  scenic destinations  whilst bringing an experience to the communities you work with .The Volunteer Project can be varied to include your approved skill or expertise that you have to offer  to the organizations. For example Helping a children orphanage can rocket your healing process especially when you are helping young orphans with teaching, sports, health and caring. It helps you build the bridges that you feel broken.

2.  Book a Massage  Parlor or A spa Hotel-Pumzika massage, Maya Spa at Diani Reef Hotel and spa and Medina Palms Watamu

When in low mood, especially from lost love, you definitely miss the touch, the scent ,  the perfume and the sound of his/her laugh. Break-ups are often a form of sensory deprivation. Mombasa is of course the spa capital of Kenya, where cheap massages are ubiquitous, no matter whether you head South to Diani or North to Watamu.

Spend the day at the beach or traipsing through ruins in kilifi, before kicking off your evening with a foot massage.Several hotels  like Diani reef , Sarova White Sands and Medina Palms in Watamu operate special massage that provide an   experience  of a  world of complete relaxation and tranquility.


The goal of every Massage parlor is to give a client  an exotic treatment designed to suit their   need.  A good massage helps you Escape, Relax and Rejuvenate. It provides an alternative to the arcing you feel for your lovers hand on your skin.While a massage might not be  the same as being touched by a lover, it is  the next best thing. If you have a bit more cash to spend, check into one of the coastal full service spa resorts, such as maya spa at  Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa. Here, you can work with nephropathy, acupuncturists and other therapists to restore your emotional and physical balance. Maya spa was voted as the  Leading Spa  in Africa – 2015 by the World Travel Awards”, Traveler’s Choice Award -2012.

3. Visit ruins-Gedi ruins, Mnarani ruins and  Fort Jesus

If you feel as if it’s the end of the world, it advisable to visit ruins. When your life is in ruins, it can help to be surrounded by them. Fortunately, Mombasa is full  of ruins and pre-historic s ites that have now vanished as completely as the love you are seeking.Visiting  ravaged cities and ruins like fort Jesus , Vasco-Dagama Pillars in Malindi , Gedi and Mnarani ruins in kilifi  can help  create a whole  travel itinerary for a broken heart.

4.  Visit Night-Life Spot like Casablanca night club within C.B.D, Anuba in Bamburi or to a Wild Town – Mtwapa

It’s time to let loose and party like no man’s business. It’s time to say enough is enough. There comes a time in every healing process when you move from feeling maudlin to being ready to remind all yourself that you know how to have fun.

When that moment comes and your full of energy, put on those dancing shoes and hit the clubs in Bamburi like Anuba  and Sheba Lounge or at Mtwapa to club  Casuarina Nomad, Lambada Holiday Resort and club. Mtwapa  is the place where the night is turned into day and people go to sleep in the daylight. It is the destination for sex and booze for the nocturnally oriented. With a gorgeous natural setting away from the city traffic in Mombasa, endless beaches like Pirates   and people who do not sleep, Mtwapa is made for fun.

The beauty of Mtwapa is, you can choose just how much fun you’re ready to take. On days when you’re feeling a bit fragile, chill out in Coco Cabana beach and watch Swahili fisher men do what they know best as the world go by. In between, there is  plenty to enjoy, from sun bathing to sea food dinners in the nearby moorings floating restaurant. People in Kenyan coast are naturally  friendly and  you’ll soon have friends to hang out with.

5.  Visit casinos in Mombasa and Malindi 

The Kenyan coast has several casinos to keep your mind off your current breakup. casino Malindi is a perfect getaway in Malindi while in Mombasa, you can book Nyali international beach hotel and casino .

Casinos are a perfect place to meet new people and lounge by the pool all day. A trip here can be done with your favorite friends or alone, either way you will have a blast. Hit up the pool parties all day long where girls in bikinis and men in swimming suits are there for you to feast your eyes on.  Slide up to the bar at night for a drink  or two to enjoy life with your gambling friends.

6. Start Something  New and Fresh- Go for Beach Photography in Diani Beach ,Water Sports Lessons within Mombasa city,Swahili Food Cooking Classes in Mombasa Old Town or Beading Classes in Watamu

Every ending is also a beginning. Now is the time to decide what kind of person the new you is going to be. If there is something you have always wanted to try but have never gotten time to, its time to give it a try.
Enroll for  Swahili food cooking classes, go for  beach photography in the  best beach in Africa- Diani beach , attend water sport classes with companies like Rydon water sports in Diani  or beading classes in Watamu .

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Double up your healing holiday  by  combining  a couple of different activities such as a week in Watamu with women beading necklaces or a  jewelry workshops. It will make you leave your holiday feeling fresh and inspired.

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