How To Build A Unique Hospitality & Travel Digital Brand Online In Kenya

Digital marketing of hotels involves developing a strategy that recognizes the need for a strong online presence. The strategy involves not only getting your hotel, a cottage, apartment or holiday home listed on online travel and hospitality sites, but also developing a captivating website.  Hoteliers should look up to what others say about them online and what they say about themselves. The more your hotel appears in searches and social channels, from the beginning of the customer journey to the end, the bigger edge you will have.

Modern digital marketing strategies for hotels

Social media Management 


  • Consistent posting (everyday) on
  • Face book- to boost your online presence
  • Twitter add new channels of communication through #hashtags , live videos
  • Google+- drives customer relationships, brand awareness and retention
  • Instagram- to give people a glimpse of what your hotel look like through instagram stories, private messaging, live videos
  • Email marketing/mailing list- Take advantage of peak periods by sending your email list promotion so that people have an incentive to book at your hotel instead of your competitor.
  • Claim & create social network profiles
  • Build your audience through strategic promotions
  • Run a loyalty program on social media to reward your repeat and online clients to increase bookings
  • Write a press release for an upcoming event at your hotel
  • give a welcoming cocktail or a free room upgrade when people check in at your hotel online
  • Attract influencers- Use mentions to attract the attention of influencers, journalists, and VIP guests. All you need to do is write the @ symbol and then the name of the account belonging to the person you want to mention. The person or people mentioned in your post will receive a notification, helping you build a social-media alliance with them


web design

  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Constantly updated and reflect your hotel unique features and characteristics.
  • Create a web content with professional; attention-grabbing photos can significantly increase your direct bookings.
  • Integrates booking, social media & reviews
  • Google map, attractions page, high-resolution photos
  • SEO- friendly for Google & Bing search
  • The website site should take people on a virtual tour of your hotel– let your customers know what their room will look like and what they should expect.
  • Make it easy to book a room on your website

Blogging /content marketing


  • Find out all different questions or problems your target audience have and create detailed content solving those problems. This will help to build the audiences trust in your hotel or brand and will increase the chances of converting them into customers.
  • Keep an updated blog to increase web traffic
  • Find your niche and dominate it- Determine what makes your hotel unique and what makes it stands out from your competition. Then make sure you are the best in town for the niche you have decided to dominate
  • Offer a complimentary stay to travel writers and bloggers who have readers in the demographics/geographic of your target market. It is very likely that they will write a fair and usually quite good article about the property.



  • Montage of existing photos
  • 30-90 second script
  • Professional voice-over
  • Share & embed video
  • Offer awards and incentives to guests who make videos of your hotel and post them to social media.
  • Google pushes YouTube videos in its rankings

      Reputation Management / Travel meta-search companies


Improve your rating and review on :

  • Trip Advisor
  • Air b n
  • Jumia Travel

     Search engine optimization


  • Claim your hotel listings online
  • Map your location accurately
  • Enhance your directory listings
  • Improve SEO for your hotel
  • Make sure you have a fully filled out Google My Business page. Add specific information about the hotel on Google Business Listing eg pricing, bedrooms, stars. Doing this increases the chance that your hotel will pop up in Google searches before the organic search results.

       Logo design


  • A good logo that brands your company name
  • Designed to give customers first glimpse into your brand identity

We also host Hospitality digital marketing seminars targeting ;

  • Hospitality, Events and Travel Digital Marketers
  • Tour managers and planners
  • College students seeking to specialize in digital marketing
  • Hotel receptionist, reservations, and front office Managers
  • Hotel investors- running family businesses
  • Restaurateurs and Night club marketers/Managers/Supervisors
  • Hotel Brand managers seeking new thinking, proven frameworks, and meaningful approaches
  • B2C, and B2B marketers experiencing stagnated results, or with aggressive growth goals
  • General Managers and business unit leaders seeking innovative and proven approaches


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