Subject Diploma in Food and Beverage Management(ICM-UK)- Ksh 25,000

Utalii digital consultancy is offering an Online Single Subject Diploma Course in Food & Beverage Management course under UK based examination body ICM . ICM  is an  internationally Recognized examination Body operating in over 88 countries. More information about ICM can be found from their  website . Get in touch with us on +25471337718 or email for more details

The fee you pay is inclusive of :

  • 1 Year ICM membership 
  • center fee 
  • Exam Registration – 1 paper (Food And Beverage Management )
  • Complete tuition fee 

If you Enroll for our online course; you will get access to :

  • Complete food and beverage notes 
  • Revision questions with answers
  • Online  lectures for distant learners 
  • Classroom lectures for those within Mombasa
  • Examination Guidance and E-learning materials

NB: ICM examinations are held in March, June , September and December. One can undertake as many units as possible within  1 year membership duration 

Food and Beverage Management

Main Topics of Study

Introduction to Food and Beverage Management

  • Standard industrial classification
  • Sectors of food and beverage outlets
  • Cost and marketing orientation
  • The food and beverage function
  • The food and beverage function in context
  • Food and beverage management
  • Responsibilities of food and beverage management
  • Constraints to food and beverage management

Food and Beverage Outlets

  • Commercial sector
  • Subsidised or welfare sector

The Meal Experience

  • Food and drink
  • Variety in menu choice
  • Level of service
  • Price and value for money
  • Interior design
  • Atmosphere and mood
  • Expectation and identification
  • Location and accessibility
  • Food and beverage service employees
  • Trends in eating out

Food Menus and Beverage Lists

  • Basic menu criteria
  • Types of food menu
  • The contents of food menus
  • Beverage menus/lists
  • Menu merchandising

An Overall View of Food and Beverage Control

  • The objectives of food and beverage control
  • Special problems of food and beverage control
  • The fundamentals of control
  • The reality of control

Financial Aspects

  • Types of budget
  • Basic stages in the preparation of budgets
  • Welfare operations
  • Costs, profits and sales
  • Break even analysis
  • Pricing considerations
  • Menu pricing


  • The main duties of the purchasing manager
  • The purchasing procedure
  • The selection of a supplier
  • Aids to purchasing
  • The purchasing of foods
  • Purchasing specifications for food
  • The purchasing of beverages
  • Purchase specifications for beverages

Receiving, Sorting and Issuing

  • Receiving of food
  • Sorting and issuing of food
  • Stocktaking of food
  • Receiving of beverages
  • Sorting and issuing of beverages
  • Stocktaking of beverages

Food and Beverage Production

  • Planning of food service facilities
  • Food and beverage production methods

Food and Beverage Service Methods

  • Food service methods
  • Classification of food service methods
  • A development of the classification of catering operations
  • Beverage service methods
  • Classification

Food and Beverage Production Control

  • Food production control
  • Beverage production control

Food Controlling

  • The essentials of a control system
  • Calculation of food cost
  • Methods of food control
  • Food control checklist

Beverage Control

  • Calculation of beverage cost
  • Methods of beverage control
  • Control checklist

Revenue Control – Control Systems – Operating Ratios

  • Manual systems
  • Machine systems
  • Operating yardsticks used in controlling

Food and Beverage Management in Fast Food and Popular Catering

  • Basic policies – financial, marketing and catering
  • Control and performance measurement

Food and Beverage Management in Hotels and Quality Restaurants

  • Basic policies – financial, marketing and catering
  • Control and performance measurement

Food and Beverage Management in Function Catering

  • Basic policies – financial, marketing and catering
  • Control and performance measurement

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