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Booking a hotel room online/virtually is something tricky because when you book a room, you have to live in it. A small, ugly, smelly and poorly located hotel room can easily ruin a vacation. Imagine spending your hard earned money living in a room with no Internet, a lousy view or with a broken TV.

Most big online travel booking sites will promise best combination of a travel package in their websites but end up providing something different. A hotel that is very affordable in your search results but does not include any amenities can often end up costing you more than a hotel that includes complimentary everything. To get the best hotel room in the Kenyan coast, in the best location at the best price, book with “Utalii Digital “You’ll feel a lot better when your holiday is all over.”

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As  independent digital travel guides, our booking starts when you either call us on (+254(0)713377198), send us an email at ( , when  you fill our reservation online or  when you send us a message


Unlike automated booking websites, our form  is flexible as it gives our clients opportunities to fill in all their details and special requirements. After you send us your requirements, we review them and choose a hotel or a cottage that suites all your special requirements within 20-30 minutes and come back to you with the best suggestions.

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In simple terms, we give you freedom to do other things while we prepare your travel itinerary .Since we specialize with one destination (Kenyan coast) we have a vast experience and constant visits to various hotels in Mombasa, Diani,Malindi,  Kilifi and Lamu. Beyond hotel booking, we will also take care for all your travel needs including museum tickets, private transfers to and fro the airport, and give you recommendations like best Swahili and sea food restaurants in the Kenyan coast

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There is no need of spending hours online trying to figure out where to stay, what to see and what to do. To be sincere, online travel sites have actually made it more confusing to figure out what they are selling. They give out several restrictions and fees many of which are not obvious to the casual travel buyer. This eliminates what could well turn out to be a specific traveler’s absolute best itinerary. As residents of this beautiful destination, we are always open to our clients’ suggestions and we have a 24 hour solution line you can call if you get in a jam

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Finally, it is important to note that we do not charge you  for our work,  we get paid through hotels, tours and wholesalers,  so it literally won’t cost you anything.If you have any travel deal, throw it to us.We can see everything the booking engines can’t see. We will make a living, you’ll become our preferred customer and the world will be a better place.

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